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This is the 5th Body Psychotherapy Publications title: BPP-5

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"About Touch in Body Psychotherapy: Vol. 1"
Edited by Courtenay Young


Forward: "Introduction", by Courtenay Young

"Overview: The Use of Touch in Psychotherapy", by Bernd Eiden

"Relating through Physical Touch in Contemporary Psychotherapy", by Gill Westland

"The Power of Touch in Psychotherapy", by Courtenay Young

"The Continuing Evolution of Touch in Psychotherapy", by Anastasia D. McRae

"A Study of Ethical and Clinical Implications for the Appropriate Use of Touch in Psychotherapy", by Kerstin E. White

"Somatic Tracking and the Ethical Use of Touch", by Jaffy Phillips

"Touch and the Therapeutic Relationship 1: Shifting a Paradigm", by Andrea Uphoff

"Reflections on 'Touch in the Psychotherapy Relationship' 2: The Haptic Hazard", by Andrea Uphoff

"Biodynamic Massage as a Therapeutic Tool: with special reference to the Biodynamic concept of equilibrium", by Clover Southwell

"Stirring the Depths: Transference, Counter-transference and Touch", by Tom Warnecke

"A Cup, Grasping My Fingers", by Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar

"Attuned Touch", by Susan McConnell

"About the Ethics of Professional Touch in Psychotherapy", by Courtenay Young

This book has a paperback cover, is about 23 cm x15 cm, and has 280 pages.    
ISBN: 978-1-908729-00-2
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It is also available as a PDF file download version
ISBN: 978-1-908729-01-9
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