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Body Psychotherapy Publications

Body Psychotherapy Case Studies


A new collection of about 15 Body Psychotherapy Case Studies
Edited by Courtenay Young

Published in co-operation with the EABP Science & Research Committee.

This paperback book is sized 23cm x 15cm (Royal) and has about 220 pages.
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ISBN: 978-1-908729-14-9

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  • Introductions
    • 1.1 Introduction: EABP Scientific & Research Committee
    • 1.2 About Body Psychotherapy: Courtenay Young
    • 1.3 An Introduction to Case Studies: Courtenay Young
  • Historic Case Studies
    • 2.1 Bernhard - A Case Study of Soma and Spirit: Stanley Keleman
    • 2.2 A List of Historic Body Psychotherapy Case Studies
  • Case Study Presentations on the theme of 'Embodiment' (from the Scientific Symposium: EABP 2016 Congress in Athens)
    • 3.1 The Role of Embodiment in Therapeutic Process: Sladjana Djordjevic
    • 3.2 Female Emancipation: Achieving stable embodiment in the face of early stress: Christina Bader Johansson
    • 3.3 Doing Effective Body Psychotherapy Without Touch: Courtenay Young
  • Two More Cases Studies from the EABP Science & Research Committee
    • 4.1 Sexual Violence and its Consequences: Herbert Grassmann
    • 4.2 "Marina Crossing the Bridge": An adolescent crisis with the symptomatology of an eating disorder: Zoe Schillat
  • Three Short Body Psychotherapy Case Studies from Bernhard Schlage
    • 5.1 How Deep Tissue Work Can Assist the Release of Post-Traumatic Stress Tension
    • 5.2 About the release of effects of Pre-Natal Traumatization through Enactment Techniques
    • 5.3 The Release of Pain in the Upper Back by Body Psychotherapy Exercises: Defining personal boundaries
  • Some Further Case Studies
    • 6.1 Somatic Experiencing in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with convulsions: Galit Serebrenick-Hai
    • 6.2 "And So It Goes On" - A story of one therapy: Russell Rose
    • 6.3 Intrigue & Impasse: A session with Lucy: Russell Rose
    • 6.4 Medical Trauma: Interpersonal Neurobiology and the Autonomic Nervous System: Jacqueline A. Carleton
    • 6.5 A Woman of Many Colours: Laura Hope Steckler
    • 6.6 Transcultural Case Study: First Interview with a Chinese Client: Ulrich Sollman & Wentian Li
  • Guidelines on Writing a Body Psychotherapy Case Study (2014): EABP Science & Research Committee