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Body Psychotherapy Publications


About Touch in Body Psychotherapy: Vol. 1


A collection of 14 articles about Touch in Body Psychotherapy:
Edited by Courtenay Young

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  • Forward: "Introduction", by Courtenay Young
  • "Overview: The Use of Touch in Psychotherapy", by Bernd Eiden
  • "Relating through Physical Touch in Contemporary Psychotherapy", by Gill Westland
  • "The Power of Touch in Psychotherapy", by Courtenay Young
  • "The Continuing Evolution of Touch in Psychotherapy", by Anastasia D. McRae
  • "A Study of Ethical and Clinical Implications for the Appropriate Use of Touch in Psychotherapy", by Kerstin E. White
  • "Somatic Tracking and the Ethical Use of Touch", by Jaffy Phillips
  • "Touch and the Therapeutic Relationship 1: Shifting a Paradigm", by Andrea Uphoff
  • "Reflections on 'Touch in the Psychotherapy Relationship' 2: The Haptic Hazard", by Andrea Uphoff
  • "Biodynamic Massage as a Therapeutic Tool: with special reference to the Biodynamic concept of equilibrium", by Clover Southwell
  • "Stirring the Depths: Transference, Counter-transference and Touch", by Tom Warnecke
  • "A Cup, Grasping My Fingers", by Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar
  • "Attuned Touch", by Susan McConnell
  • "About the Ethics of Professional Touch in Psychotherapy", by Courtenay Young