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Body Psychotherapy Publications

The Body in Relationship: Self - Other - Society


A collection of about 35 articles from many of the presenters at the EABP-ISC Congress, Lisbon, September 2014
Edited by Courtenay Young

This book has a paperback cover, is about 23 cm x15 cm, and has 300 pages.
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ISBN: 978-1-908729-10-1

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This volume contains edited chapters from more than 35 presenters who are coming to this Congress. Some of these written presentations are about the work of the presenter; some are about their actual presentation at the Congress; some are background material for, or related to, their Congress presentation. Some are also published in the language-of-origin, as well as in English.

Congress Presenters in this volume include:

Merete Holm Brantbjerg, Denise Saint Arnault & Sharon O’Halloran, Ursula Schorn, Grace Wanderly de Barros Correia, Enrica Pedrelli & Luciano Rispoli, Elya Steinberg & Gerhard Payrhuber, Wade H. Cockburn, Brasilda Rocha, Shai Epstein, Will Davis, Traudl Szyszkowitz, Miriam Nelken, Frederic Lowen, Luis Gonçalvez Boggio, Christina Bader-Johansson, Boris Suburov, Vera Pivoñková, Fernando Barbosa de Freitas, Olinda Fertinani Nunes, Marion Lausche, Genovino Ferri, Liane Zink, Madlen Algafari, Renata Terruggi & Carlos de Sousa, Gabrielle & Christian Bartuska, Maya Schrier-Kerstan, Volnei Jorge Pinheiro Jr., Panagiotis Stambolis & Sophia Tsoumaki, Nancy Eichhorn, the EABP Science & Research Committee, Anette Torgersen, Mary Jane Piava, Laura Hope Steckler, Carin Ballas, and Dora Theodoropoulou.


The Body in Relationship: Self – Other – Society, edited by Courtenay Young, is a blend of scholarly writings from almost forty presenters at the 14th European Association for Body Psychotherapy Congress held in Lisbon, Portugal on September 11 – 14, 2014. For many years, the EABP has been bringing together researchers, theorists and clinicians to engage and share the latest insights along with classical perspectives that characterize the field of Body Psychotherapy. The 2014 Congress is set to focus on the "body in relationship" and the interpersonal nature of human experience, which are undoubtedly integral and fundamental in Body Psychotherapy. This congress book touches on what attendees may anticipate but speaks more broadly to the dynamic and cultural nature of human relations. How relationships stretch and extend out in communities is content highly important in the work of the Body Psychotherapist and especially relevant in the role an individual plays in society.

Courtenay Young opens with an outline highlighting the main aspects of the Congress and offers a warm, welcoming introduction to this publication. Calling himself a “compulsive editor”, he shows that the writers – being diverse in culture, language, number of publication credits, etc. – have created collectively a marvellous volume that is a glimpse into how sensational this Congress intends to be (and was). The subjects contained in this volume include multiple body-oriented viewpoints on trauma and an assortment of specific modalities of Body Psychotherapy.

With an aim to further the exploration of the field of Body Psychotherapy, this new publication serves, not just as a program to the Congress, but also encompasses much more. Anybody seriously interested in exploring Body Psychotherapy, including its rich history and poignant perspectives today, may find this Congress book a must-have book. In this volume, professional development, for new to advanced practitioners, spawns areas from enhancing clinical skills, including mind-body techniques, enhancing embodiment and understanding somatic psychology, to scholarly and academic writing in a Body Psychotherapy way. Attendees of the Congress would most certainly find this work useful in optimizing their experience by gaining a prelude and having a companion to the presentations and workshops held in Lisbon. Others, not able to be present, will find it equally fulfilling.

Reviewed by Dawn Bhat, MA, MS, NCC, LMHC.