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Body Psychotherapy Publications

The 'New' Collected Papers of Biodynamic Psychology, Massage & Psychotherapy: 2022


This is a fairly definitive collection of articles about Biodynamic Psychology, Massage & Psychotherapy that have been published in English over the last 40 years or so.

This volume contains articles from about 50 authors, contains 150 articles, has about 1,550 pages and runs to about 850,000 words. It is almost ‘Biblical’ in proportion! It also contains a number of pictures and diagrams from the original articles, and reproduces some of the other photos and diagrams that were published alongside these articles.

Edited by Courtenay Young Published by Body Psychotherapy Publications ISBN: 978-1-908729-23-1 (PDF eBook); ISBN: 978-1-908729-22-4 (Print);

To download a 'Contents' leaflet - an outline of the whole book - with a list of all the articles - click here

The eBook version will be available from the beginning of December for €50.00 (50 Euros) as a special introductory offer in this celebratory year - at least until Dec. 31st, 2022.
Please use the PayPal button below. After Jan, 1st 2023, this eBook version will be available for €75.00 (75 Euros).

It is extremely unlikely that there will be a printed version publicly available until (at least) mid-2023 and, even then, it may have to be printed in 3 volumes, and thus the cost may be prohibitively expensive.  So, please get the PDF version now and the price of that will be deducted from the final cost of the printed version, if you so choose to buy it later.

Please note: There is a special code available for 'Biodynamic' people (i.e. anyone who has trained at one of the Biodynamic Psychotherapy training schools in the UK or Europe) that reduces the initial cost of €50.00, by €20.00 down to €30.00.  If you think you might be eligible for this reduction, contact:

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