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David Boadella: Tribute Booklet


This is a collection of memorial tributes for David Boadella from the Memorial Zoom Meeting, 16th January, 2022
Edited by Courtenay Young
Issued on behalf of the International Foundation for Biosynthesis (IFB).
Published by Body Psychotherapy Publications - on a not-for-profit basis.

Synopsis of Contents

  • A Collection of Tributes to David Boadella - mostly from the Memorial Zoom Meeting, 16th January, 2022.
    • Over 200 people, comprising the family, colleagues, students and friends of David Boadella came together to celebrate his life after his passing on 11th November, 2021.
    • These tributes, plus a number of others from those who - either could not be included then, or who contributed later.
  • If preferred, you can also find a link of this recorded live event on the International Biosynthesis YouTube channel.

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