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Body Psychotherapy Publications

We currently have 6 published titles - in the main series - plus 2 additional titles, all available from this website and also from some authorised sellers (like Amazon). 
There is a promotional leaflet about some of our titles here - and there is a PDF about some of our publications here.

We are planning for forthcoming titles - possibly in Summer, 2023 - Click on 'Future Titles' in the navigation bar (above) to find out more.

All BPP books are produced on FSC recycled paper. We have decided to use the new 'Print-on-Demand' type of publishing. 
The companies that we use are and/or, which are both trading names of Copytech (UK) Limited. Registered in England, Number 3130263, VAT No 668 1870 95. FSC Certificate No. TT-COC-002641 PEFC Certificate No. PEFC/16-33-415, Company registration number 3130263.  
This enables us to order the exact number of copies we need.

Current Publications