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Body Psychotherapy Publications

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Body Psychotherapy Publications is a private imprimatur, established by Courtenay Young, who has had a great deal of experience as a Body Psychotherapist and as an Editor.  As the main Editor, he is totally responsible for the content of these Boody Psychotherapy Publications.  He also has a personal website: where you can find downloadable copies of his published articles, information about his other books, poems, and additional material.

Body Psychotherapy Publications is supported by the European Association of Body Psychotherapy (EABP), a registered charitable professional association, with a Secretariat in Amsterdam: Tintorettostraat 29/1, 1077 RP Amsterdam, Netherlands. 
Tel: +31-20-3302703;  ​Fax: +31-20-6257312;  E-mail:;  ​Website:
There is a lot more information on the EABP website about European Body Psychotherapy and further information about other books and publications, especially those that support the "Evidence-Base" for Body Psychotherapy (see here).

Body Psychotherapy Publications is also recognized by the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP) as a publication house that makes a significant contribution to the field of Body Psychotherapy.  USABP is a professional organization that supports the theory, research, and clinical practice of Body Psychotherapy in the USA.  USABP, 8639B 16th St, Silver Spring, MD20910.  Website: