Body Psychotherapy Publications
Body Psychotherapy Publications

Editorial Advisory Board

Certain colleagues (and friends) have been invited - and have accepted - to become members of the BPP Editorial Advisory Board.

  • Courtenay Young (Scotland, UK) - BPP Director
  • Angel Buster (Netherlands) - Assistant Editor
  • Laura Steckler (UK)
  • Nick Totton (UK)
  • Frank Röhricht (UK)
  • Jacqueline A. Carleton (USA)
  • Christine Caldwell (USA)
  • François & Christianne Lewin (France)
  • Halko Weiss (USA & Germany)
  • Erik Jarlnaes & Lisbeth Marcher (Denmark)
  • Garry Cockburn (New Zealand)
  • Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar (Israel)
  • Patricia Estrada (Mexico)
  • Xavier Serrano (Spain)
  • Rubens Kignel (Brazil)
  • Luciano Rispoli (Italy)
  • Maurizio Stupiggia (Italy)
  • Kathrin Stauffer (UK)
  • Michael Soth (UK)
  • Victoria Berezkina-Orlova (Russia)
  • Mark Ludwig (USA)
  • Rae Johnson (USA)

And we would like to be able to invite several more members to join the Editorial Advisory Board, especially people from countries not yet represented!

The main 'work' involved - in being a member of the Editorial Advisory Board - is to be aware of articles being published, or that have been published, in your area of expertise, in your language, or from your country, that would fit the content and themes of this evolving series of volumes - and, especially if in a different language, may therefore be worthwhile getting translated for English publication: or maybe from within a new area of expertise (or a new modality) that is emerging into the developing 'field' of Body Psychotherapy.

We would also like you to look over some of the draft material, circulated well before final publication, and (possibly) suggest any corrections or improvements.  We would be very happy, as well, if you would generally promote Body Psychotherapy Publications in whatever way you feel is appropriate.

It is also (possible) for you to choose a theme for a new volume of BPP from your own area of expertise; become the "Guest Editor"; select appropriate articles, and then write an editorial introduction for that volume.

If you feel drawn towards this sort of role with BPP, or if you know someone who may be interested, please contact us.