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Body Psychotherapy Publications

About Body Psychotherapy Publications

Body Psychotherapy Publications is a relatively new publishing venture, founded in 2011. It is an imprimatur dedicated to publishing materials relevant to the training and professional practice of Body Psychotherapy (B-P) and/or Somatic Psychology (S-P). The goal has been to start a publishing house specifically for publishing Body Psychotherapy / Somatic Psychology material: entitled "Body Psychotherapy Publications" and (in due course, perhaps) "Somatic Psychology Publications" - possibly one title for this (UK - European) side of the Atlantic, and the other for that side (USA, Canada, S. America), but essentially exactly the same business.

Our intentions and aims fall into five main areas:

  1. To reprint significant articles about B-P / S-P theory and practice that are now not so easily accessible, and to reprint these articles as an edited book in collections with a common theme, and being brought more up-to-date (if necessary).  We envisage an extending series: Vol. 1: 'The Historical Basis of B-P'; Vol. 2: 'About the Science of B-P'; Vol. 3: 'About Relational B-P'; Vol. 4 was a follow-up to this last, based on the presentations at 2014 EABP Congress 'The Body in Relationship'; Vol. 5:  'Body Psychotherapy Case Histories'; Vol. 6: 'About Touch in B-P (Part 1)'; with probable or possible future volumes being: Vol. 7: 'About Trauma & B-P'; Vol. 8: 'About Group Work in B-P'; Vol. 9: 'About Transference & Countertransference in B-P'; Vol. 10: 'About Movement in B-P'; and so forth (not necessarily in that order).

    We are also thinking about a possible volume, Vol. X: 'B-P and Depression', Vol. Y: 'B-P and Anxiety'; Vol. Z: 'About BP and Stress'; and so forth, and then possibly other volumes for other conditions and/or other areas of specific interest.
    That is the outline of the basic concept. We welcome other suggestions for contributions and recommendations for articles - from you!

  2. To provide a possible and easy-access venue for new B-P authors: as, sometimes, contributions are not sufficiently structured, or well-written, and outside editors are often unforgiving: so we would like to help you - emerging Body Psychotherapists - to get published.

    An example of this is the recent BPP publication: The Body in Relationship: a volume produced in time for the recent EABP-ISC Congress in Lisbon in September 2014, wherein 35 presenters at the Congress were featured. We hope for further volumes like this.

  3. Or maybe, just maybe, there are articles are coming from outside the mainstream of B-P, as mainstream publishers are also really only out to make money and so don't give much help for new authors; or maybe we are becoming more open to fringe ventures; none of which says anything about the quality of the actual written material.
    So, this venture now opens a possibility for new authors in the field of B-P.  We, therefore, hope to welcome your manuscripts and your suggestions. We hope that you will welcome our suggestions, amendments and 'mentoring' - if appropriate.

  4. To provide a way of getting access to the numerous and very informative and very varied B-P articles that ‘out there’, but which were not written originally in English. So, we will be looking for suitable high-quality articles (or chapters, or books) to get translated from their language of origin, and then to be published in English within a suitable volume, according to the particular theme. We have deliberately chosen people to be on the Editorial Board, who may know about, and be able to access, the 'raw sources' of this very rich material. Again, we welcome your contributions or suggestions.

  5. We are also interested in publishing English-language versions of books about Body Psychotherapy that may have already been published in other languages: thus making these available to a much wider audience.

Hopefully, in due course, the flow will also go the other way, and people will - in due course - want to translate these basic volumes into different languages, as well.  We would be very open to that and we are willing to offer copyright permission at very reasonable rates, or even to publish your translated versions ourselves.  Some of the original 3 volumes are - we believe - already being translated into Greek, Hebrew, and other languages.

Whilst – so far – this is virtually a one-person business, there are several other people beginning to become involved. It is early days, and we hope that - as this endeavour expands - we, those involved with Body Psychotherapy Publications, will be very open to working with other contributors, in a variety of different ways, as authors, editors, editorial board, investors, translators, marketing suggestions, etc, so long as there is energy, respect and enthusiasm.

It would be very nice to create a 'work democracy' situation that suits people's different levels of involvement and so enriches us all.